Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Snapshot vs. Photograph

95% of time I make photographs that are planed and well thought out or specified by an art director. The snapshot is a reaction or impulsive shot, generally unprofessional and ordinary.

The snapshots I make are quickly made due to time restraints. Almost all of my work is done in manual mode having the most control over the results. I leave my cameras in a almost Auto mode for that quick-draw shots like these. A different focal length lens on each body.

This Jacksonville scene was rich in geometric shapes, textures, and color. The JTA Skyway came into the design and triggered the decision to compose and expose this shot near Hemming Plaza.

I was photographing a company softball game in Georgia which was very spirited. Teammates spontaneously connected in reaction to a great play.

Event photography requires multiple awareness and anticipation. Homework in advance is essential to tip your odds. Stay OPEN, Aware.

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