Thursday, October 22, 2009

Housewives of Jacksonville

We set out on a cold and windy evening to capture six beautiful and spirited women in Jacksonville, Florida. Okay, it wasn't very cold but seemed like it after a long hot Summer.

Our task had to be shot in a very short time, so planning was essential and a success because of everyone's cooperation. Valerie Janes directed and styled the shoot.

Working without an assistant, a photographer needs to be very focused on lighting technicalities and still maintaining that important connection with the subject and in this case, six fabulous women (feel my pain?).

The ambient light is going away so juggling outputs from strobes and varying reflectors becomes exciting, maintaining that perfect balance.

I check the weather reports and time of sunset for the location (declination of the sun for time of year). Beach shots also require tide table.

Pictured: Ilona(sitting), Melinda Kilbeck, Debra Myers, Kirk Chamberlain, Patty Vickery, Claudia Marcela Gonzalez, Linda Hawkins (sitting)
See Proofs:

Cheers! Kirk

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